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Designed for Holistic Health Practitioners of all types.


Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Reiki Masters, Nurses, Naturopaths, Yoga Instructors and others looking to add a new complimentary therapy to their practice.



* A proven, simple hands-on approach to balancing the Chakras.


* Heal mind, body, and spirit to create true transformations for your clients.


* Differentiate yourself from other practitioners while adding a new stream of revenue.


Before SPECTRA, I wasn't getting the deep healing and transformations I wanted for my clients

As a licensed acupuncturist with over 10 years’ experience in holistic health, I was getting results, but I still wasn't getting the deep healing and transformations that I wanted for my clients. I knew there had to be something more to tapping into the energetics of the body and accessing the Universal Life-Force Energy in order to bring about the lasting change that we both wanted.


Why my clients trust SPECTRA over conventional healthcare

The popularity and genuine need for effective energy healing are now greater than ever.  People are at a loss with the limitations of conventional healthcare.  Healthcare that doesn’t recognize the interconnections between all the aspects of a whole person.  People are searching for options, and they want a dynamic solution that offers a roadmap for getting their lives and health back on track.


*SPECTRA offers a systematic approach to make instant changes in your client’s mood, energy, pain levels and overall wellbeing.



Are you looking to develop a new stream of recurring revenue while doing something you wholeheartedly enjoy and changing people’s lives for the better?


SPECTRA offers a practical step-by-step method your clients will love and come to rely on.  You’ll be able to easily validate their concerns when they tell you something is off, physically demonstrate the chakras, and show them with their own eyes where they are out of balance.


If you thought working with the chakras was all about guided visualizations or directing subtle energy using intuitive wherewithal, you’re in for a big surprise!  It's time to take chakra healing to another level.  Practitioners need to be able to quickly and masterfully assess the chakras, acknowledge the additional 5 major chakras that have been sidelined and embrace the ability to activate and balance them instantly.

Combining my knowledge of Energy Healing along with Oriental Medicine, I developed a new system for accurately assessing the chakras, and a technique that instantly and completely opens and balances them.


I practiced SPECTRA Chakra Therapy for over a year before I decided to teach others. After seeing deeper, longer-lasting results, I knew I had to share this approach with other practitioners. I spent another 18 months refining the technique, developing the curriculum and beta testing the course.  I've integrated both client and student feedback to streamline this healing system and present it in a simple, easy to digest format.



Benefits of SPECTRA Chakra Therapy

Those receiving SPECTRA Chakra Therapy report a wide range of benefits including reduction in pain, improved mood, reduced stress and anxiousness, deeper sleep, new inspiration and feelings of rejuvenation, increased energy levels, decreased digestive issues, clearer mind and better concentration, an enhanced sense of direction, and numerous other benefits spanning all aspects of their lives.



A recent graduate of our program, Anne Parsons RN, said "the course could easily be priced at $2500"


"You do not have to be a medical professional, alternative health or energy practitioner to benefit from your course.  As I have shared with you, the course has helped me on a personal level with my own health.  You have a perfect balance of sharing information in a way that doesn’t overwhelm people, especially if you do not have knowledge of eastern medicine.


Your course is comprehensive and includes additional materials and support that is often not provided with other on-line courses.  The course is organized well.  You provide a detailed and thorough resource and bibliography page.  Forms are included so that students can easily proceed in using the technique without having to spend additional time or money creating their own.


You are a competent, well-educated clinician with an active practice.  You demonstrate valuable assessment skills with kindness and compassion.  And, most importantly, you don’t abandon your students.  You are available for support and questions and respond quickly to all contacts.


If you are a provider, as you know, the chakra balancing treatment modality is a valuable tool that can enhance any existing practice (chiropractic care, naturopaths, massage therapy, reiki, acupuncture, etc.)


And finally, the ability to learn on-line was the only way that I could participate in your course.  For those that are working or have additional commitments, on-line can be a valuable resource.”




Here’s some more detailed information about the course and what you’ll be learning:


Address Physical, Emotional, and Even Spiritual Issues – Become the go-to practitioner for your clients’ needs by offering a comprehensive approach.  Help them understand underlying issues and identify the common threads connecting all aspects of their wellbeing.


Combines Oriental Medicine and Chakra Healing – Like pieces of a puzzle, these two systems combine to yield a more expansive and more detailed model for understanding the human energy system and working with the life-force energy known as “qi” which directly influences every aspect of our being.


Discover the Chakras and Their Relationships - You’ll develop a thorough comprehension of each chakra’s energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual correlations; gain deep insights into the role and interactions of the chakras and how they directly affect us in a myriad of ways; and build the solid foundation needed to apply this knowledge as you work with the chakras.


Address 12 Major Chakras Instead of 7 – Set yourself apart from other practitioners that are still using the limited 7 chakra system.  Show an advanced understanding and attain a higher level of healing by acknowledging the 12 major chakras and being able to demonstrate them to your clients.


Hands-On – Put your passion for energy healing to work.  The systematic step-by-step approach translates into a practical hands-on method that will blow your clients’ minds when you physically demonstrate to them what's happening with their chakras. Gain confidence in yourself and from your clients with the straightforward hands-on assessment.  You’ll be amazed what the body is ready to tell you and so will your clients.


Utilize Muscle Testing – Make the chakras more tangible for yourself and your clients as you tap into the innate intelligence of the body and acquire detailed information to guide and direct your treatments.  Identify hidden energy blockages and demonstrate energy shifts in the chakras as you activate them.  There is no need to spend countless hours developing your higher senses and intuition. (Save that for your free time)


Use Acu-Points – Harness the profound and time-tested power of acupuncture (without using needles) and without spending thousands of dollars and years of study to get a formal acupuncture education.  You’ll gain mastery over some of the most potent acu-points on the body and use them in powerful ways that even fully trained acupuncturists don’t know how to.


Instant and Complete Chakra Activations – There is simply no other chakra therapy that provides these kinds of results.  Your clients will love it and keep coming back for more.

Apply SPECTRA Chakra Therapy in 15 Minutes – Spend less time messing around and more time getting results.  See more clients, change more lives, make more money.  While you may choose to spend more time with your clients, a full activation in under 15 minutes is possible.


3 Ways to Apply the Technique – You don’t need to be an acupuncturist to use acu-points.  In-fact, other methods are often quicker and just as effective as using acupuncture.  A chakra activation can be as easy as applying the correct essential oils to the acu-points or warming them with a hand-held heating device.


Not Physically Demanding – An especially great alternative for practitioners who typically administer physical therapies like massage.   SPECTRA Chakra Therapy won’t leave you feeling worn out at the end of the day.


Efficient – You’ll be amazed how quickly you can do a complete assessment and activation on your clients.  Your sessions will become streamlined like you never imagined before.  It might seem so easy that you actually start feeling like you are being over-paid for your work.


Physically Verify the Effectiveness of Your Treatments – Add a whole other level of validation and easily overcome skepticism as you demonstrate the shift of energy on the spot and show your clients how much more resilient their chakras are after a treatment.


Identify and Clear Dirty Energy – This advanced stage of chakra balancing will again take your treatments to a higher skill level.  Allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge of negative energy and how it can be picked-up, self-generated, or transferred to others. Without this essential process of energetic clearing, standard chakra activations are unlikely to hold.


Identify Your Client’s Vibrational Frequency – This unique benchmark is a fun way to get your clients engaged as they follow their progress from visit to visit.


Evaluate Foods, Supplements, and Medications - An optional, yet empowering approach to help your clients find balance.  Step into your role as a truly integrative practitioner as you bridge the gap between nutritional therapy and the chakra energy system.  Develop a greater understanding of the properties of individual foods and natural supplements simply by testing them against the chakras.  Give invaluable information to your clients on an individual basis by determining which substances are strengthening them energetically, which are neutral, and which are working against them.


At Home Tools for Working with the Chakras - You’ll learn how to employ a wide array of self-help tools for working with the chakras including affirmations, color therapy, sound therapy, specific foods, crystals/stones, yoga poses and exercises, and essential oils (aromatherapy).


Client Handouts - Add more value to your sessions by giving your clients tools and techniques to support their chakras at home.  Pre-made digital or printable handouts for each chakra make it easy to share this information and keep your clients engaged in their healing process.  Includes the practices that are covered in the “At Home Tools for Working with the Chakras” section of the course.


Written and Video Lessons – The downloadable written lessons are a terrific resource to quickly reference the materials if you need a refresher in the future.  Many students find that the written lessons help to augment and solidify what is taught in the video lectures.




A unique and powerful holistic therapy that's affordable and easy to learn


  • It’s Online Learn from anywhere without leaving the comfort of home. Save time and energy that you would otherwise spend to get to class.


  • It’s taught by a Licensed Acupuncturist with over 10 Years’ Experience in Holistic Health You’ll have confidence in what you’re learning and be the beneficiary of an experienced practitioner who is thoroughly trained in one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems of energy medicine on the planet (Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine)


  • It’s All-Inclusive Everything you want and need to learn all in one course.  Unlike other trainings out there, ours is all-inclusive.  We don’t make you come back for the good stuff or jump through hoops to get to the advanced trainings with additional costs.  We give it all to you in one course with no hidden fees for an unparalleled value and one-step process to get you trained and ready to start practicing.


  • It’s a Completely Unique System You’ll be one of the first to offer this innovative and proprietary system of energy healing.


  • It’s Entry LevelGet started now wherever you’re at.  We teach the entire system from start to finish in a way that you can follow, regardless of your experience or skill level.


  • Self-Paced LearningStudy on your own schedule, when it’s most convenient for you. Allows for maximum flexibility and no pressure.


  • Earnings Potential Not only will the course cost not break the bank, with the average recommended price of a chakra healing session at $75, there is a tremendous amount of value and future earnings potential.



Here's What You Get

Learn The Complete Proprietary Healing System


*Unlimited access to video modules
*Downloadable written lessons

*Includes practice resources (charts and forms)
*Business resources (client hand-outs and advertising templates)
*Join the practitioner only Facebook group

Transform Your Healing Practice

*Attract new clients
*Increase your healing potential
*Add a new stream of recurring revenue









QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE, ASSESSMENT FORMS & CHEAT SHEETS - We want your chakra healing sessions to flow so we give you a chakra chart, a quick reference guide, and concise assessment forms so you’ll have everything at your fingertips to quickly guide you through each session.


ADDITIONAL TOOLS AND RESOURCES – If you’re still looking to supercharge your chakra healing sessions, these little-known secrets can be applied to make a monumental impact on the resilience of the chakra energy system.


DEMOS - Full-length demonstration of the technique that pulls all the pieces together. Watch as the instructor goes through each step in the unique system one-by-one.


FACEBOOK GROUP – As a SPECTRA Chakra Balancing® Practitioner, you’re not alone.  Share your experiences and ask questions of other students and certified practitioners in the private Facebook group. 


MARKETING MATERIALS - Nobody wants to start from scratch.  Jumpstart your chakra balancing business using our pre-made advertising templates to promote your services and attract new clients.


The Course Curriculum



Introduction to Understanding the Chakras 


Mastering the Basic Muscle Test


The 12 Chakras


Assessing the Chakras and Identifying the Client's Vibrational Frequency


Applying Acupuncture Theory to the Chakras


SPECTRA Chakra Balancing® Technique


Exploring the Individual Chakras, Energetic Relationships, and Chakra Pairs


Clearing "Negative" or "Dirty" Energy from the Chakras


Follow-Up Care: At-Home Tools and Lifestyle Recommendations


Beyond Balance - Aligning with the Stars (Gold Chakra)


Assessing how Specific Foods, Supplements, and Medications Affect the Chakras



Bonuses: Demos, Additional Tools and Resources, Handouts, and Marketing Templates



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